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Medium & Heavy Duty Lifts

Medium & Heavy Duty Lifts

Bays with medium and heavy duty lifts to handle your needs.

Auto Mechanic

Welcome to Bellers Mechanical repair. We are a top shelf mechanical repair shop and our shop is extremely well equipped to tackle any job presented.

We offer every service imaginable in the automotive repair field and our bays are equipped with medium and heavy duty lifts to make the job go faster for our customers. We have tools galore to be able to finish the job correctly, and to keep costs to a minimum.

Auto Brake Replacement

We can handle jobs as easy as brake replacement or even having your rotors turned on our in house brake lathe.

Air Conditioning Services

Feeling the heat? Let our full service of Air Conditioning keep you cool. We can service all refrigerants used in the Automotive field, along with plenty of experience even in the Big Rig and implement/farm tractor uses.

Auto Mechanic Tools

Tools to Complete the Job

Having the right tools saves YOU money. We get it done right and fast.

Rotor Turning on a Brake Lathe

Rotor Turning on a Brake Lathe

If your brakes need work, we can handle it, even down to turning your rotors.

Full Service of Auto Air Conditioning

Full Air Conditioning Service

Whether on your car, big rig, or implement/farm tractor, let us help you keep your cool and get your air conditioner fixed.

Auto Mechanical Repairs

We also have the expertise to tackle more difficult jobs, such as very involved mechanical repairs.

Auto Electrical Diagnostics

When it comes to electrical diagnostics, we are second to none and have invested heavily in the technology needed to stay at the top of the diagnostics field. When others have failed to find the problem, we have the training and technology fix it.

Vehicle Labscope Diagnostics

We have trained ourselves in high level labscope diagnostics in order to find potential problems before they happen, or unique and intermittent drivability problems that are hard to diagnose.

Engine Repair

Advanced Engine Repair

Need something a bit more than a tune-up? We are equipped to take care of you.

Auto Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostics

Another shop hasn't diagnosed the problem? Bring your vehicle by and let us use our advanced tooling.

Vehicle Labscope Diagnostics

Labscope Diagnostics

Have an intermittent drivability problem? Our training and tools can help diagnose and resolve these issues.

Skip the Dealership

We are equipped with the best aftermarket scan tools that can be purchased and, even further, we are dealer level equipped with scan tools in all Ford, GM, Toyota, VW/Audi. We can give you a real alternative to the dealership experience, with the highest level of quality and speed in the repair of your vehicle.

Ready for Service?

If you need Auto Mechanic service and weren't sure who to contact, please contact us first, we would love to serve you.

Go with Know How

You don't need a "tire shop" and an "oil change shop" and a "mechanic shop". You have enough going on in your day. Come to the place where we have the know how to take care of you and know your car history.

Amazing Cutomers, Real Testimonials

“Thank you so much--my car runs 100% better!”

“No one else could figure it out, you did!”

“Purrs like a Kitten!”

“I love my new car, it rides great!”

“Your service was second to none, wow!”